There are many voices in Washington today. FurnPAC, the political action committee of the residential furniture industry, exists to make sure your voice is one of them.

To protect our industry’s interests, it is essential that we have representatives in Congress who understand the complexities of furniture manufacturing and importing, and who are willing to carefully weigh the cost of proposed and existing regulations against their purported benefits.

The passage of a single ill-conceived federal law or regulation can have a devastating impact on an industry like ours, saddling companies with crippling expenses and leaving them mired in paperwork.

FurnPAC is non-partisan and is governed by a Board of Directors representing small, medium and large companies. Through voluntary contributions, FurnPAC contributes to pro-

business, smaller-government candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate – incumbents and challengers alike – who understand the needs of furniture manufacturers and their suppliers.

Help us maintain a voice of reason in Washington; a voice “at the table,” speaking out for the home furnishings industry. Make a contribution today, using the Contribute Now button, or click on one of the contribution forms below.

To learn more about FurnPAC or to start a FurnPAC program at your company, please consult the resources on this website, or contact Andy Counts at

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